Edward Hopper in Motion

By Danielle Pope

Automat by Edward Hopper
Automat by Edward Hopper
How the works of this incredible artist are being given a modern edge

Edward Hopper is widely regarded as one of the great American artists. A prominent realist painter, he focused on watercolours, printmaking and etching. His impressive works, which are tinged with an urban sensibility that captures the essence of the early decades of the last century, place him in the pantheon of American painters.

Born and raised in New York, Hopper produced just 366 canvases in a career that lasted over seven decades. His work has influenced a variety of artists across areas of music and film, including Madonna, Ridley Scott and Alfred Hitchcock. His paintings now sell for tens of millions of dollars.

New York Movie:

Now, 50 years after the artist’s death, Hopper’s work is once again being revisited through animation. Orbitz have worked with Argentine designer Jazmin Batisti to create Edward Hopper in Motion, a new series that takes nine iconic Edward Hopper paintings and turns them into unique animated videos.

Suddenly these realist paintings, are given another dimension when previously subtle elements are exaggerated through animation. The lonely diner in Nighthawks (1942) now has a flickering light and a closing shutter. Or the two women dining in Chop Suey (1929) are now accompanied with a flickering restaurant sign and steam rising from the tea they share.

Chop Suey:

The creators behind the series hope that they have produced a 21st Century tribute to this titan of art, for the younger generation who may not have been directly introduced to his work.

See the entire reworked collection below:


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