Edible Beauty Oils

Including some of the following oils in your diet can improve skin, hair, nails and overall health.

Borage Seed Oil is used for its abundant dietary, health, cosmetic and medicinal benefits. Used to treat skin disorders including eczema and dermatitis, it is also used to eliminate stress, premenstrual syndrome, diabetes, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

Evening Primrose Oil. By working to dilute sebum, the thick oily substance that is over-secreted when acne occurs, the essential fatty acids in evening primrose oil reduce the risk of pores becoming clogged and spots developing. The oil’s EFAs help to treat rosacea by reducing inflammation and stimulating the contraction of blood vessels.

Fish Oils, whether you take them in capsule form or via fresh salmon, are the best way to nourish your skin from the inside out. A rich, nutrient-dense dose of omega3 will plump and smooth your skin, giving a radiant glow.

Avocado oil. Said to be the healthiest oil to cook with, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and extremely low in saturated fat, avocado oil is also high in vitamin E.

Udo’s Choice Perfected (Ultimate) 3, 6, 9 Oil Blend is a certified organic blend of guaranteed GMO-free, unrefined edible oils. This blend is rich in GMO-free lecithin, which provides the building materials for healthy cell membranes. Vitamin E and rosemary oil, both potent antioxidants, are added to increase freshness and to act as scavengers of free radical molecules in the body.

Workshop backstage @ Marr Factory 2014

Workshop’s show for Marr Factory 2014 walked a sexily laid-back line, with artfully rebellious suiting and casuals.

For hair, Matt Benns – new creative director at Stephen Marr – said they were going for something a little more sexy than has been shown so far, with braiding pulled back to expose the face. “It has a little bit of a punkish edge because the styling for the clothing is very rock and roll,” says Benns.

To create the look, Benns and his team prepped the hair with OriginalMinearal Sea Salt Spray, and blow-dried it in. They created a tight panel of braiding down one side of the head, then left the other side loose with an un-done texture. The top was blow-dried to create a smooth finish, and given a swipe of shine with OriginalMineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum.




For makeup, M.A.C’s Caitlin Lomas pared back the makeup and focused on hyper hydrated skin. Key products used to achieve this were M.A.C Strobe Cream and Cream Colour Base highlighters.

Brows were left full and scruffy, allowing the attention to be “all about the lashes.” Lomas and her team applied M.A.C 33 Lash, natural falsies with a slight peak in the middle section. “I chose these lashes because I don’t want them to look obviously fake, so they emphasise the lash without it being too much.”

To add an extra layer, the team finished with new M.A.C Studio Sculpt Lash. “It’s great because it has a one-sided brush so you can be more targeted with where you put the product. It’s really lengthening with no clumps.”

Nails were taken back with two coats of M.A.C Quiet Time – a gorgeously cold nude shade that’s neutral without being namby-pamby.



All photography by Olivia Hemus