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Walking through the streets of Ho-Chi-Minh City
Walking through the streets of Ho-Chi-Minh City
Uncover a world of authentic, mouth-watering Real Food Adventures designed to suit any budget, appetite and time frame.

By pairing their classic grassroots travel style with a special food focus, Intrepid itineraries aim to really get you under the skin of the world’s most exciting food cultures. It might be spoiling your tastebuds with flavour-filled curries in India, bottling your own wine in Spain, making Moroccan salads at cooking class in Marrakesh, or tucking into local southern Vietnamese fare on an overnight homestay stay along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Real Food Adventures

With its unique offering of Real Food Adventures, Intrepid gets you experiencing the heart of a destination through it’s food culture – but you’ll still experience the part of the destination you’ll want to see. From included guided city walks, historical site visits and unique cultural experiences – you leave having experienced the best the destination from food, to must sees with a good helping of unique local experiences along the way. These are real-world experiences with a foodie twist: one part culture, one part adventure and three parts delicious.

If you’re hungry for adventure or crave a taste of the world’s culinary hot spots then Intrepid’s Food Adventures are for you. With a focus on street fare, local specialties, home cooking these authentic, affordable, food-centric trips will satisfy any appetite. Discover the world’s flavours with over 35 unique itineraries around the world, including:

Vietnam Real Food Adventure

Esperience one of the freshest and most fragrant cuisines on the planet – Vietnam. From pho and ancient buildings in Hanoi, banh khoai and imperial citadels in Hue, banh xeo and lantern-lit streets in Hoi An and banh canh and pulsating markets in Ho Chi Minh City, experience Vietnam’s cuisine and its tightly woven place within its culture.

From AUD $2,385 / NZD $2,555 per person, twin share (12 Days).

Real Food Adventures - Vietnam
Walking through the streets of Ho-Chi-Minh City

Morocco Real Food Adventure

With its Berber, Arabic and European influences, Morocco is where east meets west and food just explodes with flavour. On this Real Food Adventure, you’ll grab street food from a souq and share traditional meals in local homes. Take a handful of bustling medinas, mix with a dash of sea and season with fresh local produce, all drizzled with warm Moroccan hospitality for an adventure that will linger long on the tongue and in the memory.

From AUD $1,835 / NZD $1,970 per person, twin share (12 Days).

Real Food Adventures - Morocco
Discover the markets of Marrakech

Mexico Real Food Adventure

Get an authentic taste of Mexico on this journey through some of the country’s most famous culinary regions. Meander through Oaxaca’s aromatic markets; take to the streets of Puebla to sample some the city’s local specialties; indulge in fresh seafood on the beach; and take to the streets of Mexico City on a taco crawl to experience a delightful culinary heritage that goes back thousands of years. 

From AUD $2,085 / NZD $2,230 per person, twin share (9 Days).

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