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No time for breakfast? No problem, try these healthy meals on the go

No time for breakfast? No problem, try these healthy meals on the go

No time for breakfast? No problem, try these healthy meals on the go

If the thought of a cold bowl of cereal turns your stomach cold, here are some ideas to get you into breakfast.

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day because it provides sustenance and energy for the day ahead. As nutritionist Adelle Davis famously put it back in the 1960s: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Not only does breakfast provide energy and nutrients for the day ahead, research by New York’s Columbia University has also shown that skipping breakfast raises the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

And, if you enjoy a morning coffee, indulge away. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that consuming a couple of cups of caffeinated coffee a day halved the suicide rate. The theory behind the result is that moderate consumption of caffeine has a mild anti-depressant effect.     

In a rush, need energy on the go? Try these breakfast ideas that will keep you sustained and feeling good:

When you’re not hungry have this… green juice. It’s not too taxing on your digestive system and gives you a good nutrient boost. A mix of coconut water, spinach and some frozen fruit (like berries, banana or mango) is delicious.

When you’re in a rush have this… make some easy to grab breakfasts on the weekend such as a savoury or bran muffin that you can grab on the run.

When you want to stretch out a light breakfast… whip together a smoothie and take it with you. Mix milk (or almond milk, coconut milk or coconut water), with frozen fruit and yoghurt. You can also add some additional nutrients like a green or protein powder, chia seeds and spirulina. Otherwise grab a handful of nuts or some plain yoghurt.

When you need sustained energy have this… protein and healthy fats will provide you with some slow-burning fuel to keep you sustained for longer. Eggs, bacon, avocado, and spinach on some wholegrain toast will keep your brain and body going.

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