Earthy Inspirations For Your Living Room

Embellish your living room with contemporary hues of earth tones and lush furnishings like the Hiro Sofa from Studio Italia – as pictured above.

Your living space is where you spend the most time – so it is the room you should spend the most time decorating and switching up every couple of years so that you never get bored of it.


Earth tones are what have caught our eye in contemporary home decor pieces. Warm hues of brown and beige will be sure to go with any furnishings you decide to add to it.  Accentuate the room with a single tone carried through the furnishings. These living spaces perfectly showcase  beautiful arrangements of this earthy hue motif.

Photo: Studio Italia. The Cestone Sofa.


Lush hazelnut and coffee-dipped decor adds ambience and creates a rich homeliness that you can only indulge in. If a completely tonal living space isn’t for you, compliment your white walls with a singular statement of a bronzed sofa or touches of small decor pieces.

Photo: Coco Republic. The Elba Sofa. Matisse. The Maralunga 40 Sofa.


Add texture to your earthy hues with some velvet. Mixing velvet with lush greenery in your living room will create a unique colour scheme that we can’t believe that we haven’t been embracing for longer. Velvety, mocha and deep greens give your living space an elegant demeanour and bronze furnishings will complement this look to-a-tee.

Photo: CC Interiors. The Velvet Couch.


Modernity has never looked better with a harmonious palette of sienna accent pieces and cocoa-coloured fixtures. It is a balance between the old and the new, with nostalgic shades of mahogany and forward-thinking curvature in shape.


Add elegance to your living space with matching earthy-toned lounge-chairs. Tonal twins will add character and mood to your room in a classy way. Indoor lounge spaces exude luxury and modernism through fresh take on living room comfort.

Photo: Studio Italia. The Byron Chaise Longue.


Take your mind out of the scope of the ordinary with furnishings like these. These abstract bookcase marry themselves with the soft tones of beige and tan while adding atmospheric charisma to an already alluring room.

Photo: Studio Italia. The Albero Bookshelf. Coco Republic. The Arden Mirrored Shelving Unit.

Earthy hues create a warm and calming oasis – which is everything you could ask for from your living space. Whether you like more vintage and traditional styles or prefer contemporary modernity, soft, earth tones will complement absolutely anything.

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