Drive safe tips

By Carolyn Enting

Drive safe tips
Audi Driving Experience instructors Tim Martin and Earl Bamber share their drive safety tips.

Respect the conditions. If they’re bad and you don’t have to make that trip, then don’t.

The biggest thing is to make sure that your car has tyres suitable for the conditions. Don’t try and run on summer tyres in snowy conditions – it’s incredibly dangerous and not worth the risk unless you have chains.

If you’re making a downhill snow descent, it’s important that you are in low gear, and using the engine braking to slow and assist because as soon as you start to brake on a steep hill, the wheels will lock up and then you’ll slide even faster.

In snow and ice driving, you always need to know where your front wheels are pointing. Look ahead, predict the traffic and your surroundings.

Hand positioning is important: when cornering, hold the steering wheel in a quarter to three position. It’s balanced and there is always one hand going up and always one hand going down. And two hands as much as you can.

The height of the seat is important. You should easily be able to see over the steering wheel.

Bring the seat forward so that the leg bent when braking, even in full brake. If your leg is straight you’ve got no more leverage to push hard on your brakes.

The backrest should be nice and upright. Lying back might look cool but you’ll find that you might be steering the car with your whole body and your reaction is so much slower.

Advanced driving programmes like the Audi Ice Experience as well as at Taupo and Hampton Downs offer a chance to learn some extra skills and the limitations of a car.

Wear your seatbelt at all times.



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