Donald Duck catches motorists breaking the law

By Matt Bernard

Donald Duck catches motorists breaking the law
An officer dressed as Donald Duck is teaching motorists to yield to pedestrians in New Jersey.

The programme involved the use of a policeman who dressed in a full-size Donald Duck costume and issued fines to those who failed to let him across the road when required to do so.

One of the motorists who was issued with a $230 fine for not allowing the duck to cross the road, appeared on ABC 7 to share her anger at what she felt to be an unfair punishment.

“This duck kept going toward the car, going back, going toward, going on the curb, going off the curb… Then they told me that I was getting a ticket because I didn’t stop for a pedestrian. It was crazy… it was a huge duck! It was scary… If it was a normal person or even a cop dressed as a normal person, I would have stopped,” she said.

In retaliation to this, Police chief Keith Bendul said that the point of this operation was to make the road safer for pedestrians.

“Two years ago, we had 62 people struck, this year, we had 40, I’m glad to say. But zero is my ultimate goal. When you see a pedestrian, child, adult or duck, stop. Let them cross and proceed with your day,” he said.

However, witnesses of the event have claimed the officer dressed in the duck suit was confusing motorists on purpose by walking back and forth on the sidewalk, as well as making confusing hand gestures.

What do you think? Is this an effective way of promoting pedestrian safety, or an unfair ploy to land drivers with excessive fines? Leave your comments below.



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