Dogs Best Friend

By Kate Hassett

Dogs Best Friend
These two best friends are looking for a home and they come as a package.

This inseparable pair is true testament to the power of friendship in the animal kingdom.

Glenn, who is a Jack Russell terrier is permanently blind and relies on the assistance of his best friend, Buzz the staffy. The pair were found abandoned in a sea tunnel in Northern England and their rescuers have been unable to separate them ever since.

Buzz and Glenn follow each other everywhere and become incredibly anxious if separated. Buzz helps Glenn find his food bowl, any toys he might want to play with and redirects him if he ever goes off target.

Buzz is also in charge of putting Glenn to bed every night as he tucks him in every night.

Currently residing in a rescue centre, the pair are looking for their forever homes so they can live out their final days together.



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