Do you have JOMO?


Do you have JOMO?

A night on the couch is the new night out, as research shows we are not bothered about missing out on things, actually quite the opposite – we rejoice it (JOMO).

New research has found that Australians are shifting from a nation of FOMOers (the fear of missing out) to JOMOers (the joy of missing out). It’s essentially the antithesis of FOMO, and the deliberate enjoyment of time spent alone, knowing full well you’re missing out on the social activities going on outside.

With the rise of online food delivery apps like Uber Eats and on demand streaming platforms, we’re now prioritising a night in on the couch with our favourite shows, friends, family and takeout to trekking out into the cold this winter. A whopping 64% of Aussies will rethink attending an event due to the cold weather, after they’ve already said yes.

It’s all about self-care and we’re putting ourselves first, rather than conforming to society’s pressures — which should have been the case in the first place!

More than 1,000 Aussies have revealed their emerging JOMO patterns and habits:

  • 25% of Aussies will pull the plug on Friday night plans — with some creative excuses arising:
  • 62% describe winter as a time to sit back with warm blankets, hot chocolate and vege out in front of the TV
  • 51% said their most memorable nights have been at home with friends and family

Clinical psychologist and founder of Treat Yourself Well, Louise Adams, believes that it’s much healthier for us to give up the guilt and give ourselves full permission to stay in.

“Modern life is so incredibly busy and it’s easy to overlook the importance of downtime. There’s also a relentless pressure to be ‘social’ all the time, and we can sometimes bow to that pressure, pleasing everybody else and forgetting about our own wellbeing. Overdoing things socially can really impact on our psychological health.

“With the colder weather, the lure of the couch is being welcomed by more people, and it’s a lovely opportunity for us to slow down and to tune into the quieter, more domestic and family oriented areas of life which can bring a quiet joy. Instead of feeling guilty about missing out on the social stuff, we can shift to feeling the joy of staying in! It’s about being loud and proud about staying in. It’s changing from FOMO to JOMO,” Adams explains.


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