Diva’s Dreamscape wins Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award

The closest cousins WOW has in the world of fashion are perhaps haute couture and costume (performance, theatre and film) because that’s where designers can often indulge their wildest fantasies. WOW gives designers from all occupations the opportunity to let their imagination soar and not be bound by the constraints of commercialism.

Last night (September 25) ‘Diva’s Dreamscape’ was announced the winner of the Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award 2015. A clever interpretation of Art Deco architecture – made of stainless steel, wood and fibreglass – by New Zealand designer Peter Wakeman.

The garment impressed the judges for its exquisite workmanship, though sitting down is not recommended, but that is not the point.

“Diva’s Dreamscape really is a stunning piece of art,” says WOW founder Dame Suzie Moncrieff. “It has a strong simplicity that works perfectly from every angle. The use of such hard materials to create a sophisticated garment demonstrates great skill and creative ability.”

It’s a coup for Wakeman, a past WOW award winner. In 2013 he was named Runner Up to the Supreme Award for his pink fibre glass creation ‘Chica under Glass’.

Runner Up to the Supreme Award this year was Xi Zhang, student from Donghua University, Shanghai, China for her striking garment ‘Deadly Beauty’ made from feathers, beads and mesh cloth.

To Be Or Not To Be, Joanna Peacock, United Kingdom

To Be Or Not To Be, Joanna Peacock, United Kingdom

Here are some of our favourites from this year’s Awards line-up.

Diva’s Dreamscape by Peter Wakeman, New Zealand. Winner of Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award, and Creative Excellence Section: Architecture.

Deadly Beauty by Xi Zhang, Donghua University, China. Runner Up to Brancott Estate Supreme Award, and winner of the Wellington Airport Avant Garde Section.

Interwoven by Carol Laloli, New Zealand. Second place Aotearoa Section.

Exotic by Qianwen Hong, Donghua University, China. Winner of the Wearable Technology Award.

Kaleidoscope by Tess Tavener Hanks, University of Technology, Sydney. Winner of the Cirque du Soleil Performance Art Costume Award.

On Reflection by Philippa Stichbury, Australia. Winner of the Aotearoa Section.

Templa Mantis by Daniella Sasvari, New Zealand

The Piper of the Lights by Chris Wilson and Gary Wilson, New Zealand. Winner of the Man Section: Uniform.

Tinker by Jeff Thomson, New Zealand. Winner of the American Express Open Section, and New Zealand Design Award.

To Be Or Not To Be by Joanna Peacock, United Kingdom. Winner of the Weta Costume and Film Section.

View the finalists in our gallery here.

Deadly Beauty, Xi Zhang, Donghua University, China

Deadly Beauty, Xi Zhang, Donghua University, China

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