Dispensing with a difference

By Kate Hassett

Dispensing with a difference
This town in Germany is replacing all cigarette machines with vending machines that sell you art.

In a new initiative to push cultural expansion in the small Bavarian town of Landsberg, located 60 kilometres west of Munich, the previously installed cigarette machines that littered the city, will be replaced by vending machines selling art.

The first vending machine will be installed in September, inviting residents and visitors to purchase original,signed and numbered artworks for as little as 5 euros.

The vending machines will be operational 24-hours a day and give potential buyers the chance to buy artworks from a range of artists. The art will be selected through a regional competition that will determine who will be sold in what cycle.

The project wants to provide emerging artists a platform from which to display and sell their works – as well as introducing art to an audience that may feel intimidated by overwhelming galleries and museum.

Making art accessible to an audience who might otherwise not have thought about buying art, is exactly what this initiative is attempting to do.

Several cities around Germany have experimented with similar programs and had an overwhelmingly positive result.

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