Discover a Whole New World of Coffee


Discover a Whole New World of Coffee
Nespresso wants to take you on a journey, indulging your taste buds in a whole new flavour explosion.

All you have to do is log into Instagram between 6 am and 10 am every morning to realise how much Australians love coffee. It’s not just fuel for the day, it’s a taste delight, a soothing elixir, and a way of life.

Although single-origin coffee is not a new concept for Australian coffee lovers, according to recent research, almost one-third of the population is still unsure of what the term means and do not know that the final aroma and taste of their coffee is largely determined by the processing techniques used.

Having just launched their new Master Origin range, Nespresso takes Australians on a sensorial journey to countries with a rich coffee culture such as Indonesia and Colombia. Combining some of the world’s most vibrant landscapes and best coffee sourcing regions with sustainable farming practices, the range adds five new coffees to the Original Line and the first two single-origin coffees exclusively for VERTUO.

It’s no secret that Nespresso is leading the charge when it comes to sustainability. Striving for premium coffee quality that’s as eco-friendly as possible, Nespresso has formed partnerships with local farming experts through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, embarking on a mission to test innovative farming practices, all with the goal of crafting incredible new coffee aromas and tastes.

Take Sumatra, Indonesia, for example. The constant humidity has led farmers to hull their Arabica beans while still wet to create the distinct rich and woody taste of Master Origin Indonesia. Or take a look at the unusual double-washing technique adopted by the coffee farmers in the Tepatlaxco region of Mexico, enhances the intense and woody taste of the Robusta beans in Nespresso’s VERTUO Master Origin Mexico.

Originally established in 2003 in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, the AAA Program now includes more than 75,000 farmers worldwide. As a result of the enduring relationships and trust that Nespresso forms with the coffee farmers, Nespresso is able to bring their customers a variety of new coffees, including Nespresso’s first-ever permanent Fairtrade certified coffees.

Whether you’re an intense Espresso lover or a creamy cappuccino enthusiast, you are sure to find a new favourite coffee with Nespresso Master Origin range.



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