Dior’s 2019 Haute Couture Collection is Here

Is it possible to celebrate haute couture while also offering a critical reading of it?

Is it possible to stay faithful to the strict rules decreed by the Chambre  Syndicale de la Haute Couture while breaking them down to create a new order?

These are all questions that Dior designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri, brings to the surface in this autumn-winter 2018-2019 haute couture collection.

Suits with bat-winged sleeves represent both the restrained and explosive, a major theme in the collection. Powdery colours (brick, green, pink and orange) with nudes is the palette for both the clothes and the accessories, with refined costume jewellery, veils, and hats that bring the collection to life. Pleated and layered evening dresses contrast with simple bustiers, offering a surprising dissonance. A red silk dress is sewn from a single piece of fabric, opening the way to a series of majestic and intimate creations.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, this display of couture is akin to rebellion: a kind of ideological “guerrilla”  that explodes on the frontiers of entrenched tradition, without ever overstepping them.

View the runway looks below.

Prada Cinéma Evolution: The New Eyewear Project

Prada has just launched their latest masterpiece; Prada Cinéma Evolution. 

The new digital project is an ironic foray into the myriad facets of the female identity. Inspired by the dreamlike power of film, Prada Cinéma Evolution lets dreams flow with a surprising and amusing projection of personal memories. A TV commercial, an unexpected sound, a reflection in a mirror and a birthday cake are moments that emerge and entwine in a very personal film about a young woman on a sunny summer day.

Despite the film being totally lovely to behold, the sunglasses and eyewear of the new Prada Cinéma collection remain the stars of the story. Taking centre stage with an unusual combination of contemporary aesthetics and sophisticated femininity, the Prada Cinéma eyewear collection is a work of art. The sunglasses (SPR12U) and eyewear (VPR14U) have oversized frame fronts emphasized by a shining metal element, while the temples preserve the flat design of the iconic collection.

To play the film, click here.


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