Diane Keaton and Her Secret to Overcoming Insecurity


Diane's beloved mother. Image @diane_keaton
Diane's beloved mother. Image @diane_keaton
From The Godfather to Manhattan, Keaton has portrayed legendary characters in both comedy and drama. Now she is back, in the upcoming romantic comedy, Book Club.

Diane Keaton is a rare breed. Her array of talents has earned her many nominations and successes, including her Academy Award winning role in Woody Allen’s  Annie Hall, which also set the precedent for her signature quirky closet. Keaton continues to charm her audiences in the upcoming romantic comedy, Book Club, where she explores love, friendship, and the beautiful uncertainty of life’s unknowns.

Alicia Silverstone, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen pose at the premiere for “Book Club” in Los Angeles. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

In a recent interview with MiNDFOOD, Diane revealed she’s not only a legend when it comes to the big screen, but also when it comes to triumphing over her personal hurdles. In particular, Diane talked with us about how her mother helped her to not only accept her insecurities but also use them to propel her forward in life. She said, “I think my mother is somebody who always had big dreams and never had the opportunity. And she always instilled confidence in me because I think that one of the qualities that I had in the beginning was insecurity. And so my mother said, “You can use that too. It’s okay to be insecure and it’s okay to not know for sure, and just carry on and pursue your goals…you are going to be fine.” And I was because of her.”

Diane’s inspirational mother. Image @diane_keaton

Being raised by a strong woman has also meant Diane has a clear feminist bent. When asked about the #MeToo movement, regarding equal pay, she said, “I really do feel that women in that arena aren’t really paid as fair as men and I think that is going to change.”

Alongside women’s rights, Diane also believes in the power of friendship, saying, “Friendship is very important as you move along in life and I think my friends are really vital.” The American actress then went on to explain that she doesn’t think she will get married, rather that her friendships are what she describes as, “…marriage of sorts.”


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