Deterring Diabetes


Deterring Diabetes
Do you suffer from diabetes? There's one thing you could be doing that is essential for avoiding diabetes.

When your blood glucose rises, your body releases insulin to direct this extra energy into storage. Some are stored in the liver as glycogen, but most are stored as fat, the body’s primary source of energy.

Insulin’s chief role is not to lower blood glucose but store this extra energy for future use. Eating large amounts of sugar and grain produces insulin surges. Each time a cell in the body is exposed to this excess insulin, it becomes more resistant to it. Over time, the cell will stop responding properly, causing insulin resistance.

The good news is that it’s possible to reverse this resistance through exercise. Exercise is, in fact, essential for avoiding diabetes. “[A recent study] shows that even after a few days of inactivity, you develop pre-diabetes,” says nutritionist Stephen Eddey. “So being inactive is simply not an option. But it has to be regular exercise – ideally every day – and at a high intensity.” How intense? Until you become really puffed. “Some people find a short, brisk walk is enough,” says Eddey. “Others may need to jog or run several kilometres.”


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