Design Focused


Joanna Hoeft set up Auckland’s Studio Italia kitchen division in 2004 and has continually stayed abreast of contemporary styles and trends. Interestingly, Hoeft says her most recent clients have been requesting more greys and dark, muted tones, pairing them with plenty of alluring textures, such as black elm timbers. “While colour used to be the starting point, it is now about texture,” she says. “It’s also rare for a modern kitchen to be just one finish. We’re mixing materials all the time and I think that’s what makes each space bespoke, since the combination is different for every person.” Hoeft also admits homeowners have been shying away from less durable lacquers in favour of laminate. “It creates a surface that is fingerprint-repellant, which is the best way to do black.”

When working with her clients, Hoeft’s first step is to discuss their vision for the kitchen before establishing the look and feel. She believes it is also important to learn about a client’s lifestyle at the early stages as this will dictate finishes. “For example, if they have quite a pedantic personality, I may steer them away from stainless steel as it develops a natural patina,” Hoeft explains. “Similarly, marble is beautiful and we love it, but it doesn’t suit some clients. Ceramic is a great alternative and it’s a relatively new material that it is really durable.”


Beautiful Bedrooms by Bianca Lorenne

Bianca Lorenne has been creating gorgeous linen and bedroom furnishings since 2005. The family-owned business uses unique home textiles to create eye-catching bedding that transforms any room into a sophisticated space for truly relaxing.

The new Padua collection has a refined colour palette of greens, charcoals and neutrals, perfect for the contemporary or classic home. Floral prints and geometric patterns offer a more stylised option, while simple, high-quality throws and covers create understated elegance.

View the lookbook in the gallery below.