Dan Gosling – DHL Fashion Scholarship double ‘winner’

Does winning an award and then judging that same award seven years later make you a double winner? We think so.

In 2008 Dan Gosling and his Stolen Girlfriends Club co-founders Marc Moore and Luke Harwood won the inaugural DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship in New Zealand. This year Gosling is on the judging panel.

Stolen Girlfriends Club is now stocked in more than 13 countries and has grown to be one of New Zealand’s most successful fashion exporters.

He is joined on the judging panel by Max ceo John Kelly, FINZ chairman Paul Blomfield, and Megan Wildermoth (fashion and textiles specialist at DHL).

DHL 2008

The winner of this year’s award will receive international freight to the value of $10,000 as well as coaching in freight and logistics from DHL Express.

Cutting edge contemporary jewellery

The works of contemporary artists from around the world have been brought together for a special exhibition which explores the connection between art, design and contemporary jewellery making.

Intimately Connected, now showing at .M Contemporary art gallery, Sydney, aims to educate and engage visitors with the contemporary making process.

“Jewellery art is often used as a form of self-expression and can draw attention to sexuality, enhance beauty, signify wealth and status, project power – but wearing a work of art can also have an emotional meaning,” says Michelle Paterson, director and founder of .M Contemporary.

The wearable objects explore contemporary ideas and themes through the theatrical use of colour, unexpected scale, texture, decorative details and striking sculptural elements.

Works by British contemporary artist Zoe Robertson (pictured below) and Olga and Rok of Slovania (top image) feature in the exhibition.

Robertson’s open-minded approach to challenging the boundaries of jewellery is the motivation behind her practise. Her work is known for its bold colours, striking patterns and tactile surfaces.

art 2

Slovenian jewellery designer Olga Kosica and graphic designer Rok Marinsek are the creative pair behind the Ljubljana-based jewellery label olgafacesrok. Inspired by contemporary art, sculpture, painting and nature, their work is often created by combining materials, techniques and the latest technologies such as 3D printing.

Intimately Connected is showing at .M Contemporary art gallery, Sydney until October 26.