Cured Salmon with Green Apple, Red Onion, Habanero & Citrus

By Carmarlena Murdaca

Cured Salmon with Green Apple, Red Onion, Habanero & Citrus

The Butler’s newly-appointed Head Chef, Amber Doig, brings an Ibero-American twist to the menu with her fun and fresh Cured Salmon with Green Apple, Red Onion, Habanero & Citrus dish.

Serves 4

Cured Salmon

400gm piece of Atlantic Salmon (skin off, bones out)

60gm Fine table salt

60gm Castor sugar


Macerated Apple Salsa

100gm Red onion, cut into thin slices

5gm Flaky sea salt

80ml Orange juice, fresh squeezed

20ml Lime juice

20ml Lemon juice

¼ fresh Habanero chilli, finely diced (If unavailable use ½ long red chilli instead)

1x Green apple, peeled, diced into 1cm cubes


To Garnish

20 leaves Coriander

20 leaves red vein sorrel

Flaky sea salt & sugar to taste

Fresh cracked pepper


Place salmon skin side down on a chopping board, Cut on one side of the spine to remove the center sinew and remove one side of the fillet, then remove the other side of the fillet cutting on the other side of the center spine, disgard center sinew. You will be left with two log shaped fillets, One from the top of the fillet and one from the belly.

Mix together salt and sugar to make curing mix. On a plate or small tray scatter a thin layer of cure and place the fillets on top, then sprinkle the rest of the curing mix evenly to coat. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes remove from cure and gently wash off salt under cold water, Dry salmon on paper towels, cover and set aside in refrigerator.

In a small bowl place red onion, diced chilli and salt, Mix together to coat the onions evenly in the salt, set aside for 5 mins to allow the salt to break down the onion slightly.

In a food processor place the onion mix and citrus juices, and pulse periodically for 30 seconds, Mix should be a pink and onion will be coarsely chopped by the machine, Pour into mixing bowl and add your diced apple, coat evenly. Taste for balance and seasoning, adding a little more salt and sugar for your personal preference. Cover and refrigerate.

Using a sharp knife (Preferably a filleting knife but any sharp knife will do) Cut the salmon into ½ cm slices and arrange on plates or serving platter.

Using a spoon, place the apple salsa on top and around the salmon on the plate, dressing generously with the citrus liquid, Scatter the picked leaves generously on and around the salmon, Finish with a little cracked pepper and sea salt, Serve immediately.



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