How To Cure Jet Lag


How To Cure Jet Lag
Struggling with the effects of your twelve-hour flight? Prevent the onset of jet lag with these top travel tips.

There’s no experience quite like travelling – the thrill of visiting a new country and exploring the surroundings brings on an excitement like no other. But there’s one thing that can damper your first few days overseas: jet lag. Try our top five tips to avoid this unfortunate side effect of travelling.

Stay mobile

Moving around at least once every hour will keep your blood flowing and prevent you from sleeping at the wrong times. Get up and have a walk around the cabin to stretch your legs and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

Bring wet wipes

Nothing freshens you up on a long haul flight like wet wipes. Use them on your face and on your armpits to instantly feel cleaner and more awake.

Get into the habit of your new time zone

Check the time difference between your home and your destination. Is it nighttime there now? If so, try to nap so you are already adjusting to the same schedule when you land.

Stay hydrated

The number thing you can do to help your body fight jet lag is drink a ton of water. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink more than you usually would while you’re up in the air so your body stays energetic and healthy.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Following up on staying hydrated – don’t be tempted by that offer for a glass of wine or a hot cuppa. While it might make you feel better at the time, it’s only going to make you feel worse upon landing.


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