Cruising Clean: Staying Healthy on Your Cruise


Cruising Clean: Staying Healthy on Your Cruise
Maximise your cruise experience and protect against unwanted travel hassles with these top tips on staying healthy while you’re at sea.

Wash hands often

Remember, thousands of people have touched that doorknob before you, so bring sanitiser. Compare ships’ inspection scores from the Centers for Disease Control Vessel Sanitation Program at

See a doctor

Visit a travel specialist well before you depart. Take your itinerary with you so they can advise on the required and recommended vaccines. If you take medication, make sure you have enough for your entire trip – and then some.

Try not to share

Avoid sharing plates, or having other people pass you plates, glasses or even common serving utensils. At a buffet, make sure you have a couple of extra spoons handy to ladle food.

Watch what you eat

Being on holiday at sea doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. 
Opt for vegetables instead of chips, fish instead of burgers. Depending on where you are, it may be wise to avoid raw food – bacteria and viruses that make you ill thrive in warm climates.

Hit the gym

Most cruise ships come with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, which you should make the most of. Regular exercise will also boost your immune system.

Do your laundry well

Norovirus can linger on garments that are not washed sufficiently. Choose hot, long laundry cycles

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