Creativity Meets Craftsmanship

Rolf Benz is one of Germany’s best-known furniture companies, effectively demonstrating the ‘Made in Germany’ difference. Frobisher’s Auckland showroom manager Jennifer Keenan explains what sets the brand apart.

If there’s one name in furniture that offers quality, comfort and customisation in equal measure, it’s Rolf Benz. The German brand offers a bespoke experience like no other, with innovative design ideas that can be tailored to a customer’s exact preferences. Rolf Benz’s high-tech creations are crafted by the hands of experienced specialists on the outskirts of the Black Forest in Nagold, a town in southwestern Germany. Creation and craftsmanship are brought together to create the highest quality furniture pieces, which are subject to inspections through the entire production chain.

In New Zealand, Rolf Benz pieces are exclusively available from Frobisher, which has showrooms in Christchurch and Auckland. Frobisher’s Auckland showroom manager Jennifer Keenan says what clients love most about Rolf Benz is the longevity of the product, as well as designs that are simultaneously modern and timeless. “It’s all about the look, the quality and the comfort,” says Keenan.

Option to customise

Rolf Benz products are custom-made using a vast choice of materials, including more than 100 leathers and over 200 fabrics. Keenan loves that the option to customise with Rolf Benz means she gets to have a close collaboration with clients. “You’ve got your ideas about what you want, you’ve got your dimensions, you have your colour scheme, and we can tailor-make a bespoke piece of furniture to suit those preferences,” she says. “It’s very personalised, very customised, very adaptable and very flexible, which makes it really exciting.”

Exclusive stockist

Keenan is well-versed on Rolf Benz furniture thanks to Frobisher being the exclusive stockist of the brand in NZ, and she’ll build on that expertise when she travels to Germany for a week’s training on the Rolf Benz collection in May.

“I work directly with Germany with my orders, so we have a close relationship with the manufacturer.” She says Frobisher’s Parnell showroom is a place where you can take the time to plan and customise Rolf Benz pieces to suit your unique requirements. “It is a showroom for the public, for designers and for architects,” says Keenan.

“We work with each of these clients slightly differently, because of their different needs. We are open to the public but we also really enjoy working with designers and architects, helping them to furnish their projects.” Purchasing Rolf Benz through Frobisher means receiving the best experience by working with specialists who understand the brand. You can create a furniture plan that perfectly suits you and your space. “We are not about just selling furniture, but about working with our clients to create the bespoke piece they want.”
7-9 Earle St, Parnell, Auckland


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