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Craft ideas you’ll love: make a magical lantern or inspiring note decorated jar with Moccona

Craft ideas you’ll love: make a magical lantern or inspiring note decorated jar with Moccona

Fill up your old coffee jar with inspiring messages, date ideas or twinkling lights - try these wonderful upcycling guides.

Craft ideas you’ll love: make a magical lantern or inspiring note decorated jar with Moccona

Jar upcycling is one of the easiest crafting trends to get on board with. Simple glass jars can be transformed into all sorts of things, like twinkling lantern decorations or inspiring notes to get you through the day.

And with their new limited edition decorated designs, Moccona jars are perfect for all your DIY upcycling ideas.

Explore our easy how-to guides for twinkling lanterns and inspiring note jars.

Magical homemade lantern

Whether you want to impress your dinner guests with a twinkling centrepiece or transform your outdoor area into a magical wonderland, lantern jars are an effortless way to decorate your space.

What you need

1 Moccona jar

3 metre small LED twinkling lights (with battery pack)

How to

  1. Clean the jar with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  2. Mould the lights into the jar. You can simply bunch them up or wrap them round in a circle.
  3. Tuck the battery pack behind or under the jar to keep it out of the way.

Handy tips

  • You can add small stones or pebbles to the bottom of the jar to create a beachy feel.
  • Dress up your lantern with some flowers on top or keep it simple and elegant with a closed lid.
  • The lid can also be used as a stand to place the jar on top of.


Special note jar

Note jars are super versatile and can be used in all sorts of creative ways, whether it be around the house, at the office or as a gift.

We recommend selecting some nice paper in a few different shades to give it a colourful touch.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Date night ideas: If you and your partner find yourselves struggling with ideas when it comes to date night, keeping a ‘date night’ jar is a great way to mix things up. Every time you think of a fun activity, dinner spot or weekend travel destination, pop it into the jar for later.
  • A thoughtful gift: Telling someone how much you appreciate them is one of the best gifts you can offer. Take time to note down all the ways you appreciate your loved one. It could be telling your mum you’re grateful for her hard work, or reminding a friend how much they mean to you. Pop them all into a jar, tie it with a ribbon and you have a meaningful gift they’ll love.
  • Daily affirmations: Picking out a daily affirmation or inspiring quote is a great way to start your day or reflect in the evening. Write out positive messages that will inspire you, like “I am courageous and stand up for myself”, “I will let go of old habits and create positive ones” and “I am at peace with what has happened”. While they may seem small, these little messages can have powerful impacts on your life.

Click here to download a template to print out your own jar labels. 

The upcycling ideas are published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Please take care when handling the glass Moccona jars and use third party products in accordance with their instructions.

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