Could we see flying cars as early as 2016?

By Matt Bernard

Could we see flying cars as early as 2016?
Aeronautical engineer, Sam Schweighart, has claimed his designed flying car could hit the market by 2016.

It seems every year we see a news story about a new flying car which may perhaps become available to the public in the very distant future. However one such model may finally allow us to live out our sci-fi fantasies within just under two years.

The TF-X, as designed by Schweighart’s privately owned company, Terrafugia, is said to be a medium-sized electric car with foldable wings allowing it to safely function both on and off the ground.

The highest priority for Terrafugia is to launch the car as soon as possible and get ahead in the market before their competition can. “A lot of people build flying cars, but we’re really committed to making sure we can get this to the market,” told Schweighart.

The TF-X is not cheap however, currently with its price listed at $280,000 each. This unfortunately means access to such a vehicle may only be available to the affluent die-hard fans of aeronautical transportation for the time being.

Assuming the future popularity of the TF-X, would you be brave enough to adopt to this mode of transportation? Or are you happy as you are firm on the ground?


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