Colours of Autumn

It’s time to say goodbye to summer styling, and welcome some warm and cozy touches to your home. Look no further than Mother Nature when it comes to inspiration.

The beautiful falling leaves in red, yellow and orange can warm up your home. Rich colours, cozy textures and bold patterns all work well in the colder months too.

This month we are loving:

Meet Taba, part of a new wave of multifunctional furniture

As the lines continue to blur between home, work and socialising, the trend of multifunctional furniture continues to grow.
The new TABA collection is the result of a collaboration between the Swiss/Argentinian designer Alfredo Häberli and the Italian furniture company Moroso. Häberli has created a family of products designed for multifunctionality, furniture that you can use for living, sitting, talking and working.

Multifunctional furniture is also important in small spaces. The new Figura lounge from Artifort features its own wooden shelf on the backrest or armrest, perfect for a cup of tea or glass of wine, and reducing the need for a bulky coffee table or console. Also new from Artifort, Moby is part footrest, part storage, and easy to move wherever you need it.