Coffee Is Better For You Than You Think

Coffee Is Better For You Than You Think
A new study shows that coffee isn't as bad as commonly thought.

Don’t give up your morning coffee habit just yet – a new study published in the British Medical Journal says that moderate coffee drinking is “more likely to benefit health than to harm it.”

Collating evidence from more than 200 studies, researchers found that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee every day is connected to a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, dementia and even cancer.

While carefully pointing out that drinking coffee when pregnant could potentially increase the risk of fracture in women, the study ultimately concludes that “coffee drinking appears safe within usual patterns of consumption.”

Despite the study’s positive findings about coffee, however, Eliseo Guallar from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health cautions that people should not start drinking it purely to seek health benefits.

Not only does more research in the area need to be conducted, but the sugar often consumed alongside coffee has clear negative health effects which “may independently contribute to adverse health outcomes,” Guallar says.

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