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Coffee and pregnancy: what’s allowed?

Coffee and pregnancy: what’s allowed?

Find out the recommended safe amount of coffee to consume during pregnancy.

Coffee and pregnancy: what’s allowed?

If you rely on your morning cup of coffee (and evening glass of wine) you might find some aspects of your pregnancy a slog.

The good news is that your stomach will turn at the thought of the hot drink, as well as the booze, for the first trimester anyway. Nausea and going off of food in pregnancy is the body’s way of protecting it from anything that could be potentially harmful to mother or baby, which is pretty amazing and makes the sickness just a little more bearable.

But the even better news? You don’t have to completely avoid caffeine, which is rapidly absorbed and crosses the placenta freely, just maybe cut down to be within the limits doctors deem safe to your baby.

The recommended limit is 200mg a day, which equates to two cups of instant coffee. If you’re more of a takeout girl, then you can safely still have at least one a day. The amount of caffeine in espresso shots and filter coffee used at high street chains and cafes varies from place to place, but the info is easy to find online. Stick to a single shot in your cappuccino or latte if you’re worried.

Tea contains less caffeine, with 50-75mg per cup, caffeinated fizzy drinks consist of roughly 40mg, while energy drinks can have up to 80mg per can.

Chocolate also contains caffeine, ranging from 10mg per 50g bar of milk chocolate to 25mg for the same amount of dark chocolate.

High caffeine consumption when pregnant can result in babies having a low birth weight, which can increase the risk of health problems in later life. Too much caffeine can also cause a miscarriage, so you must be aware of how much you’re drinking every day.

That being said, tea and coffee is not forbidden and can most definitely still be enjoyed by mums-to-be.

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