Clever university student creates ice cream flavours for PMS


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A clever university student has created ice cream flavours for PMS

Oh yes, that time of the month when crankiness and chocolate cravings reach perilous levels. Ladies, you know. You know what we mean. One clever university has come up an anti-dote to the unremitting misery of PMS. With ice-cream flavours that speak directly to our emotions and needs at the time. The flavours that Parker Jones created for a university project include “Don’t Come Near Me” and “I Think I’m Dying.” Words that it’s highly like you may have snapped at your partner while clutching a hot water bottle and wallowing in self-pity.

Parker Jones told Buzzfeed, “The idea for doing ice cream packaging was a suggestion from one of my professors, and from there I came up with the PMS concept; it honestly took a long time to get the punchline just right for each individual ice cream.”

As for Jones, if someone wants to help produce her range of ice cream, she’s ready and willing.

Please, ice cream gods, please make this happen.

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