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When you’re in your…50s


At age 50, we want to take advantage of life and prolong our beauty. That’s why Clarins created products that offer dual actions. MiNDFOOD reports.


1. Take time to enjoy life. List your true priorities. Make time “just for you”. Learn to delegate.

2. Adopt a healthy diet. Always eat three meals a day, especially breakfast. Include fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and dairy products And try to drink eight glasses of water a day. Need to lose a bit of weight? Decrease your portions.

3. Exercise. A regular physical activity helps to tone muscles and balance your metabolism. A few abdominal exercises are great to tone the tummy. Swimming gently tones the entire body and of course, a 30-minute walk everyday helps keep your heart healthy.

4. Get a good night’s rest. This is the first secret to beautiful skin and overall balance. Avoid caffeine after midday, air out your room and lower the heat. Balance your evenings out and earlier evenings to bed.

5. Emergency days. If you work, save a few vacation “emergency ” days to recuperate if you are feeling particularly tired.

6. Express relaxation with a foot massage! Apply Relax Oil and gently massage the arch of your feet. Another relaxing exercise is to roll your foot over a tennis ball or simply practice deep breathing.

7. Feeling beautiful, it’s all about details. Feet, hands, hair: regular care can enhance their natural beauty and make you feel fantastic!

8. Spend time in the sun, but protect your skin!! The sun is the leading cause of premature skin aging and age spots. How can you protect your skin? Apply UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40 over your regular moisturizer. Its 100% mineral sun filters ensure a perfect tolerance, or use Super Restorative Day Cream in the SPF 20 version.

Clarins is available at selected beauty therapy salons, pharmacies and department stores.



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