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Q&A with Christophe Robin


An interview with Christophe Robin, creative colourist 
director for L’Oréal Paris, MiNDFOOD reports.

What are common mistakes that people make when colouring their hair?

Often, people don’t choose the right shade because they don’t know how to identify their own [natural base] colour. Another major mistake is not treating their hair before colouring. If your hair is too dry you’re not going to achieve good-quality colour.

How do you choose the right colorant?

It’s important to know what result you want. 
For example, do you want grey coverage, 
a fashionable shade or to lighten your colour? If you want a fashionable shade and you have just a few greys, I would recommend L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss. If you want to completely cover grey hair, select either L’Oréal Paris Excell 10’ or Excellence. If you want to lighten your colour or achieve a high-fashion look, choose L’Oréal Paris Récital Préférence.

What is the major difference between salon colour and home hair colour?

At the salon the hairdresser will tailor the hair colour for your hairstyle and complexion. With home hair colour, the box is made for everyone. Most of the time, home hair colour is completely secure because it is made to suit a diverse range of people. Home hair colour is also great for touch-ups between professional colourings.

What colour trends do you predict for 
the rest of the year?

Natural shades. Platinum blonde is out 
while natural reds are very fashionable.

Whose hair do you enjoy doing?

Models such as Linda Evangelista are amazing to work with as they have that rare ability to change their hair colour very easily. Their skin colour and eye colour adapt well to new hair shades so their colour palette is almost unlimited.

What is your beauty advice?

Be confident in yourself and like yourself. 
It is better to enhance your natural beauty than to try to look like someone else.


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