The year of the monkey – what does it mean?

By Kate Hassett

The year of the monkey – what does it mean?
Were you born in the year of the monkey? Then this is what 2016 has in store for you.

Noah Rubinstein, clinic director of the YinOva Centre, acupuncturist, and former teacher of Chinese medicine, says that 2016 will be a precarious year for those born in the year of the Monkey.

“We do a lot to cultivate a grounded element in our busy and sometimes frenetic lives. We meditate and find quiet times, but the Monkey—for all its good—can make that really difficult,” warns Rubinstein. But fear not, that doesn’t mean that the coming year needs to be approached with trepidation, instead, Rubinstein suggests focussing on maintaining balance.

Let go of your inhibitions

Characteristics of those born in the year of the Monkey are generally related to creativity, agility and curiosity. However, those who don’t identify with these characteristics need to make sure 2016 is a year where they allow their true self to shine: “a light heart is the name of the game, so make sure there is lots of laughter and heartfelt communication,” says Rubinstein.

Stay mindful

Monkeys are known to be symbolic of life’s duality. This means that they have the ability to send certain aspects of your life into a spin. From work to home, relationships and even your health, it is important to be aware of the way we act, think and most importantly, react to certain situations. “We risk undermining ourselves if we spend too much energy swinging around from one thing to another,” Rubinstein says.

Move outside your comfort zone 

“This is going to be a year when we cultivate our ability to adapt to change without losing our heads,” says Rubinstein. That means taking on unexpected challenges with an open mind and a full heart.

According to Rubinstein, monkeys “aren’t easily daunted—they love challenges like taking classes or learning new crafts.” “Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t work at first; there is always another approach,” he notes.

Stay humble 

Keeping your ego in check during turbulent times can be an important indication of how others view you. While you may be able to maintain calmness in the face of a storm, that’s not a quality you should use to hold yourself over others: “don’t let your ability to keep your head in the storm over-inflate your confidence.”



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