Cheryl’s top 10 survival tips for women this Movember

Cheryl’s top 10 survival tips for women this Movember
Celebrity mo-wearing couple Dipper and Cheryl shares their tips to help women avoid pash-rash this Movember.

As a Gillette Ambassador with a killer mo, former AFL star Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico knows a thing or two about growing a mo, as does his wife of 34 years, Cheryl about kissing a mo-wearing man. She shares her top tips for avoiding a mouth full of hair this Movember.

1. When Dipper combs his mo daily with a fine moustache comb, I find this keeps all the mo hairs in line. I can always tell when he needs to get the scissors out to trim his mo as the stragglers are usually sticking out. With the constant manoeuvring of the moustache up onto the top lip, this keeps it out of my mouth.

2. Encourage your partner to keep his mo clean, the last thing you want to see are reminders from yesterday’s breakfast. As a Gillette ambassador I like to encourage Dipper to keep his cheeks clean shaven throughout the grooming process. This is really important if he still wants to receive kisses.

3. Let them have their space – they will appreciate the time with you more if they have had their ‘bathroom time’ to groom their mo and pray to the mo gods. I think our marriage is still so young and fresh because we both live like we are as young as when we first met!

4. I often like to snuggle up with Dipper and I find that when he is clean shaven, he gets a lot more snuggle time.

5. My advice to those who aren’t used to kissing a mo, is to ensure there is no stubble on the cheeks to avoid getting dreaded pash rash. There’s nothing worse.

6. For those ladies supporting their fellas this Movember, be patient and kind. Once they get into it, you’ll get into it and reap the benefits.

7. I’m a big fan of Dipper’s mo but for him to get kisses his cheeks need to be clean shaven. Sometimes he forgets to shave and after a long day when he has stubble I point to the bathroom where he shaves down. Only then does he get a kiss.

8. My hot tip for when you’re about to initiate the kiss is to increase eye contact and batter your eyelids to engage in a long gaze into each other’s eyes.

9. Movember is the perfect time for your man to start growing a mo. Encourage him along the way as he raises vital funds for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health whilst maintaining clean shaven cheeks to still get kisses.

10. Chat with one another to determine the best mo style that will work for both parties to allow maximum kisses. There are so many different looks to choose from with something to satisfy everyone.


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