Change of season health tips


Change of season health tips
Forget spring cleaning, prepare for winter with these top tips to staying healthy and motivated through the change of season.

Yes, it has been an incredibly warm Autumn, but rest assured winter is coming and so too is cold and flu season, darker mornings and colder nights.

Throughout winter it becomes increasingly hard to stay motivated and focus on our health. Spending the day in bed becomes increasingly attractive, our workplaces and homes can become a breeding ground for the flu virus and warm-weather fitness goals become harder to maintain. So what can we do to make sure we stay motivated throughout winter? The key is in the preparation.

Like a good spring clean, it is important to prepare your body and your home for the change of season. This gives us the best tools to continue on throughout the season, as we started it – well rested, in good health and full of drive.

And prepping for the new season is easier than you think.

Start with the bedroom

As you do in summer (unless you have a giant wardrobe, in which case, lucky you!) start by removing all the summer clothes you know will be taking up space during the winter months, and put them higher up on the shelves or in the lower drawers. Replace them with all your winter goodies – big coats, cosy jackets and warmer items. Not only does this guarantee that you will clean out your wardrobe, it is also helping you begin to get motivated for winter.

Next, replace your bedding with warmer options. Do you have a duvet you only use in winter? Bring it out and get it ready. Similarly, store your summer, lighter bedding in the linen cupboard.

Take this time to do some much needed cleaning. Do a thorough clean of the room, getting into every nook and cranny, removing any leftover dust mites from the previous season. This will give your body the best tools to fight any seasonal allergies and help you clear out the unnecessary clutter.

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Fill the cupboard

Stock your cupboard with warming spices, immune-boosting herbs and nourishing ingredients. Spices like turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, can be used in everything from sweet and savoury dishes to warming and healing brews. Just like this Warming Winter Cuppa.

A good way to spend the weekends leading up to winter, or in the first month, is to make up batches of bone broth and store it in the freezer. We have a great recipe here. If you make batches throughout the winter you will always have the healing stock on hand. Use it in everything from soups to risottos to add a delicious boost of nourishment to nearly any dish.

Embrace the outdoors

It may sound counter-intuitive but getting enough of the outdoors is crucial in winter. Not only are we more susceptible to seasonal mood changes, but a lot of us struggle to get nearly enough vitamin D during the cooler months. By beginning winter in the outdoors and maintaining an active lifestyle outside, it becomes easier to continue this routine throughout the season.

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Start by eating the right foods

Start winter as you wish to finish it – healthy. By maintaining a winter diet rich in seasonal produce packed full of vitamins and minerals, you will give your body the best chance at fighting off infection and viruses. Try these nourishing foods that help fight inflammation and give your immune system a boost.

Here are some of our favourite winter recipes to get you through the cold nights.



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