Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Week 2 – Training Peaks

By Carolyn Enting

Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Week 2 – Training Peaks
In the second week of her fitness challenge, associate editor Carolyn Enting enlists the help of a professional.

Last week I shared my goal of losing 10kgs and running my way back to wellness and a half marathon. The response from MiNDFOOD readers has been heartening, so thank you!

So where to start? Well, that’s the great thing about having someone who knows what they are doing help you. In the past when I’ve decided it’s time to get fit, I’ve done it all wrong. Namely, pushing myself too hard by starting out with 5km runs, puffing and gasping all the way as power walkers stride past alongside jogging wonder mums pushing prams. Urghhh!

Instead, “We’re doing it the right way. Slowly,” Gaz Brown of Get Running tells me. He doesn’t want my heart rate over the 160s. He wants me to get used to running easily and efficiently. That is our first goal.

We’re looking to find my four levels of training. Level 1 – recovery, Level 2 – aerobic, Level 3 – up tempo and Level 4 – threshold.

“Don’t worry too much about it,” says Gaz, when I look worried. “It’s more for my planning, structure and programmes. Then we know exactly when we’re putting you into exertion and when we’re putting you into aerobic. The body adapts easily at recovery and aerobic but you won’t get strong unless you do some up tempo and threshold work.”

For now, however, when I go for a run and my heart rate rises too high and I’m puffing too hard, I’m allowed to walk for a bit.

Gaz is keeping track of me using Training Peaks, an online training system that tells me how far I need to run, what distance, time and pace I need to run that in. When I’ve completed a run, I enter the time and distance, as well as comments using my smartphone. We can both view and update it, which means there is nowhere to hide because he can see if I’m following the programme and it’s making me accountable. It is also a great way of being monitored and looked after, week-by-week.

Gaz gets me straight into it, starting with three runs a week and complementary training, which he says is equally important.

WED: Pilates – “It’s tough but will get you strong.”

THURS: 30-minute run on hilly course – around 4km. “Must drop back to a walk when it gets too tough.”

FRIDAY: Rest day

SAT: 40-minute flat run. Run 10 mins, walk 1 min, run 10 mins, repeat.

SUN: Rest day

MON: Yoga – this will also get me strong.

TUES: 30-minute run hilly course.

WED: 6am Circuit class – skipping, pull-ups, sit-ups, burpees, star jumps, strength work. Me: “OMG are you serious? I’m not a morning person.” Gaz: “Well you are going to have to change that attitude because all our sessions are mainly done in the morning. You’ll be changing. You’ll be a new Carolyn. I can see it right now. Cool, I’ll put it in there, it will be great. I can’t believe you just committed to that.”

THURS: 30-minute walk with light running – Because Gaz doesn’t want to “over cook me” and I’ve “earned it”.

“The other element is how do we keep you training, and how do we keep your nutrition on track as well,” says Gaz. More on that next week.

NEWS FLASH! I’ve lost 1kg and am ecstatic. I’m already starting to feel a transformation – slightly thinner, more alert, energetic and focused – just for getting out there and moving, and eating more healthily. Crikey, if I’m starting to feel this good now, how will I feel weeks and months down the track?



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