Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Week 13 – Speed bump

By Carolyn Enting

Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Week 13 – Speed bump
In week 13 of her health and fitness challenge, Carolyn hit her first speed bump: Easter.

It’s horrible to admit but I’ve had an 800gram weight gain since my last weigh-in.

There have been a few contributing factors – a niggle with my right knee meant I had to ease up on my training which meant I was burning fewer calories. Then I travelled for work which threw me out of my healthy eating routine. When I returned I carried on doing what I did while I was away – sneaking in half a macaroon here, then half a chocolate muffin there … then Easter hit!

“I’ve been sneaking in a few Easter eggs, hot fries and glasses of wine. I think I got a bit excited when I lost 5kgs,” I explained to Gaz.

“You’ve become complacent I think, not excited,” said Gaz.


Scrutinising my food diary Gaz read out loud “Tuesday cream egg. Tuesday? That’s not Easter. And half a marshmallow egg last Wednesday? I didn’t know Wednesday was Easter?”

“Well you know.”

“No, I don’t know, please enlighten me,” he said, before laughing.

“Yes, I started to fall off the wagon,” I admitted. “I was tired and hungry and didn’t have all my good support food around me.”

The positive thing to come out of this was learning that I’m not unique, though no surprises there! It turns out Gaz was expecting this to happen because apparently it happens to everyone.

“It’s something everyone goes through. It’s like a rite of passage of training and running and keeping your life on track,” said Gaz. “People think ‘I have achieved that’ and then they start to slide off the rails. Everybody comes to these stumbling blocks because otherwise every single person would be at their goal. This is the point at which there is a turning point of ‘can we sustain this or do we go back to our old habits?’

“Keeping on top of everything is a constant piece of work but there are times when you can be a bit more lenient on yourself and when you get to your goal weight you can add stuff in there but you’ve still got to keep to the base rules of eating which are typically no alcohol and rubbish food during the week otherwise you just slowly put it on again.”


“It’s time to kick yourself in the backside again and go ‘right, let’s do the Clean Monday,” Gaz said. “When you’re away it’s fine to eat out, go to restaurants and enjoy yourself. The real key, when you come back, is to do a clean day as soon as possible to get yourself back on the railway line.”

A clean day once a week resets the body and acts as a quick reminder of where simplicity of nutrition and our base line should be, he explained. If you choose that day to be a Monday it also mentally signifies the start of clean through the week.

A Clean Monday/Day typically looks like this:
Breakfast – No coffee. Replace with a dose of Good Green Stuff mixed with water; and scrambled eggs and spinach.
Lunch – Chicken or meat salad.
Afternoon – Handful of nuts or a carrot.
Dinner – Salad and meat.

Gaz leaves me with this food for thought, some action points and words of wisdom.

1. Kick yourself up the backside and keep yourself on track.
2. This is a speed bump in training. It’s now how you overcome that speed bump.

Clean Monday here I come!



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