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Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Over half way

Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Over half way

On Week 4 of her six-week Refinery challenge MiNDFOOD associate editor Carolyn Enting weighs-in and has her fitness tested by the SCA team during a Volvo Ocean Race Pro-Am Race.

Carolyn’s Workout Diary: Over half way

Who knew when I signed up for GetRunning’s six week Refinery programme that three weeks into it I’d be invited aboard by the all women SCA crew as a guest grinder for one of the Volvo Ocean Race’s Pro-Am races.

It’s the closest to racing that anyone can get (as a mere mortal) and it’s something I’d never done before. I admit to having butterflies because at school I always got starboard and port muddled but with MiNDFOOD being the only print media invited to take part, I was determined to do my best.

As the boats jostled for the best starting position, and again at the turnaround mark during the race, my heart was in my throat and adrenalin pumping as from where I was standing it looked as if we might collide with another vessel. Then the shout came to start grinding and grind I did, my arms whirling as fast as they would go, and we weren’t allowed to stop until the sail was up. It felt like forever but we didn’t collide of course and in that moment I was very thankful for all the fitness training I’ve been doing for the past three weeks which has involved working out four to five times a week. I had the strength and stamina required for the 40-minute Pro-Am challenge.

The experience left me totally pumped, as well as in awe of this incredible team of athletes – the only all-women team taking part in the Volvo Ocean Race (40,000 nautical miles across seven oceans), which sets sail from Auckland tomorrow (weather forecast willing). The men in this photo are fellow guests on board like me.

SCA 3 for web

The other highlight was discovering when I got there that I’d dropped a clothing size in three weeks and fitted into their size 12 T-shirt and overalls.

SCA 2 for web

At my three-week weigh-in I recorded a 2.7kg weight loss (72.7kg to 70kgs) and had improved my body fat percentage by one per cent (four points on the body fat measurement scale). The pinch of the skin fold calipers was not very pleasant but it was worth it to get the results.

Fat measure for web

What I have also noticed following this programme, which combines diet (eating whole foods and keeping a food diary) with cardio (running) and strength work (weights, push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, squats, dead lifts and lunges) is that as I’ve lost weight I’ve gained toned muscles. It’s the perfect combination. Being super toned is something I’ve never achieved before with my usual self-led diets, detoxes and exercise programmes, and physically I’ve never felt better and there’s still three weeks to go!

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