Can Kombucha beer put healing goodness into alcohol?

By Maria Kyriacou

Can Kombucha beer put healing goodness into alcohol?
Honeymoon Brewing is hoping to harness the benefits of popular health drink Kombucha, with a helping hand from the lab that developed the atomic bomb

Has anyone got a ’Scoby’? This seems to be appearing more and more on social media feeds as this ancient fermented tea sensation sweeps the health conscious sector of the Western World.

Kombucha is essentially a tart-flavoured tea created by fermentation, that has gained traction of late due to its purported health benefits. Scoby refers to the colony of bacteria and yeast that is able to survive in an alcoholic solution. This results in the probiotic benefits being maintained post-fermentation. Traditional beer, which is exclusively yeast-based differs because the culture usually dies.

Now one Los Alamos woman has taken her concept of a ‘healthy’ kombucha beer to the same scientific site where the atomic bomb was born. Ayla Bystrom-Williams who runs Honeymoon Brewing has been experimenting with the product over the last few years in her rudimentary home studio. She is aiming to create a beer that harnesses the benefits of the 2000-year old-drink, while eliminating the guilt-inducing characteristics of alcohol.

In many cultures, alcohol was originally developed as a means of preservation or as an antiseptic. In recent times there have been studies to suggest that moderate red wine consumption can help with heart health and even depression.

Bystrom-Williams feels lucky to have garnered interest from the Los Alamos scientific lab, that has pledged $25,000 in technical assistance to her fledgling business. The 29-year-old innovator says, “We definitely feel validated to have [Los Alamos] involved in a very precise microbiological role.”

Meanwhile, with a patent pending the bioengineer involved in the project remains mum on the development of the beer, unable to discuss the research in great detail.

Are you keen to have a swill of kombucha beer?




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