Can images of dogs make us rethink our self worth?


Can images of dogs make us rethink our self worth?
A new initiative is aiming to promote body positivity in humans, by looking at dogs.

It’s no secret that the human race comes in all shapes and sizes, and yet the definition of beauty is still based on unrealistic and unapproachable standards that permeate all age groups and have deep and lasting effects on the mental health and self worth of adolescents, teenagers and adults around the world.

One company is aiming to turn this around, one dog at a time.

It may sounds strange, but when you think about it, it really makes sense. We see groups of dogs, all different breeds, sizes, colours and shapes, yet we never compare the physical appearance of dogs to others because, well, they’re a different breed so how could they be compared physically?

So why do we place so much emphasis on physical appearance and harmful comparisons between people?

Moderation Movement have begun an initiative to combat the issue of self worth, with the tagline “We never judge a Labrador for not looking like a greyhound”. This simple message is, if anything, a small reminder to check in to your own self worth, assess it and reconnect with the importance of being happy and healthy – in a way that only you can feel for yourself.




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