Brené Brown commends Kiwi coach for speaking up about vulnerability


Brené Brown commends Kiwi coach for speaking up about vulnerability
Vulnerability advocate Brené Brown has praised Kiwi rugby coach Steve Hansen for speaking openly about vulnerability.

Research professor and mental health advocate, Dr Brené Brown has become a spokesperson for the power of vulnerability.

In a post recently shared on Facebook, Brown has commended Kiwi rugby coach Sir Stephen Hansen for speaking up about vulnerability and mental health.

In the video, which was first recorded in November last year, Hansen spoke candidly about the mental health struggles many Kiwis face.

“It is a massive problem in New Zealand,” he says. “Our biggest problem is that we don’t give those people who are struggling permission to say they’re struggling.”

“We think we have to hide it and as a result of hiding it, it bottles up,” he continues. “Our job as parents, as work colleagues, is to support people, but first of all you’ve got to know that they need the support…you’ve got to allow them to be vulnerable.”

Brown praised Hansen for leading the conversation around vulnerability in the sporting world.

“Vulnerability is the heart of sport,” she writes. “I love the focus on how we respond to vulnerability. Are we creating a safe space for people to show up?”




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