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Brave Puppy Saves Children With Special Needs

Brave Puppy Saves Children With Special Needs

One special Labrador is helping kids with disabilities.

Brave Puppy Saves Children With Special Needs

A 9-month-old Labrador Retriever puppy called Cori is helping reduce deaths with autistic and disabled children by providing canine-assisted swimming services. Drowning is the biggest cause of death in children between 1 and 4, but those with autism and disabilities are even more at risk.

Cori practicing her dive.

Cori came to Surf Dog Ricochet as a 3-month-old, and was initially terrified of swimming. Once in the water, however, she showed a knack for rescue, instinctively jumping into the drink at the sound of splashing. Now Cori works with organisations that help autistic and disabled children swim.

Beach towing is underway.

Cori’s assistance has many benefits. Where children have been known to refuse swimming with instructors, they happily get in the water with Cori. She is able to tow multiple children due to her lifejacket having several handles, and she also boosts confidence in frightened swimmers.

Poolside practice with Cori.

Part of Ricochet’s Waves of Empowerment program, Cori’s canine-assisted swimming improves the strength and self-esteem of children with special needs. Parents say they have seen improvements after a single session with Cori’s help. Activities include surfing, towing, games, practice water rescues, retrieval exercises, safety awareness and more.

A team effort.

Ricochet are collaborating with non-profit organisation Special Fishies Aquatic Freedom and Education to raise awareness about special needs.

Check out the rescue video of Cori below.

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