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Bradley Cooper channels his inner rock star

Director and cast member Bradley Cooper arrives for the premiere of the movie 'A Star Is Born' in Los Angeles, California, U.S. September 24, 2018. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Bradley Cooper channels his inner rock star

Bradley Cooper channels his inner rock star

The charming, impossibly likeable Bradley Cooper talks about directing, fame and Lady Gaga as he sits down for ‘Five Minutes With MiNDFOOD’.

By Michele Manelis

Is it more nerve-wracking to come out with a film as a director than the star?

Oh yeah for sure, it’s much more vulnerable because anything you don’t like, I have to take the blame for. It’s true, the buck stops with me. Every little moment, everything, I have to take the responsibility. So there’s something beautiful in that I got to make the movie I exactly wanted to make. But it’s hard.

So does this mean you’re reading the reviews?

No! I don’t like them, I learned that a long time ago (laughs).

Well, they’re pretty good this time!

(Shakes his head). Still not reading them.

You play a very convincing rock star. Every actor seems to want to be a rock star and rock stars want to act. Does that ring true for you?

I don’t think it’s about being an actor, I don’t know any kid growing up that didn’t want to be a rock star. I mean it’s even a term that’s thrown around if you write a great article and it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s a rock star!’ It’s a term that is identified in any profession. So, hell yeah, I always wanted to be a rock star when I was a kid!

Have you acclimated to fame in situations where people will just start taking photos of you? In the movie, it’s pretty extreme but you’ve been famous for a long time now.

Well, there are two different answers. I mean, I can only answer for myself, I think that is a personal choice and someone can only take a part of your soul if you give it to them. I live a very normal life. I choose to and it’s hard work to stay that way but it’s the only way for me. I just spent a month with my family in Paris. We live in New York and we take the subway and go to the park. And paparazzi is an issue, but at some point, and I feel different now with a kid, but who knows, talk to me within a year, I might hit somebody, who knows? (laughs) No, but you just have to deal with it and it becomes a part of your reality like anything else.

Do you ever wish you weren’t famous?

I don’t ever think about it. The only time it ever feels like my life is different is like right now, talking to you. But normally, and especially since I’ve only done this movie for the last four years, I have to say that I felt pretty normal.

Even when you’re with Lady Gaga?

Yeah, because she is Stefani to me. I don’t really think about it, other than it’s a miracle that I get to do what I get to do. And quite honestly, I get to work and meet with amazing people. So I don’t ever go like, ‘Oh I wish I wasn’t famous!’ That never even enters my mind.

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