Book review: ‘Renew your mind’ and stop the stress


Book review: ‘Renew your mind’ and stop the stress

Few of us truly enjoy our day-to-day lives. Instead, we run around chasing our ever-growing to-do list, and end up feeling tired and anxious. Renew your Mind by discovering how to rewire your brain so you can lead a rich, happy and rewarding life, and stop stressing!

Developed from Chantal Hofstee’s highly successful book, Mindfulness on the Run, and drawing on her years of experience as a clinical psychologist and executive coach, Renew Your Mind is the essential guide to rewiring your brain so that you can lead a life that leaves you energized, healthy and happy.

Hofstee’s says that our failure to enjoy the good parts of our lives is a double tragedy, because it not only dampens our happiness but also makes us less able to change the parts we don’t like.

‘Renew Your Mind’ is a program that was initially designed by Chantal to bring her own life back on track. Then she saw how effective it was at helping many of her clients reduce stress and enjoy life more. The quick and effective program incorporates the latest neuroscience as well as aspects of mindfulness to give you insights into the brain and techniques that will enable you to improve brain function, and create a calmer, more focused mind. The result is greater productivity, increased efficiency, reduced anxiety, enhanced creativity, and improved relationships. Packed full of real-life case studies and practical exercises that can be done in minutes, Renew Your Mind will put you on the path to the life you’ve always wanted.

On shelves in August 2018, Renew Your Mind is available wherever good books are sold.



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