Bobbi Brown How To: Picking the Perfect Shade of Foundation

How do we ensure we’re wearing the right shade of foundation for our complexion?

Bobbi Brown: Beauty starts with great skin, and foundation is my trick to achieving a smooth, glowing and even complexion. The most common mistake women make is wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Many women choose one that is too light or too dark. The right foundation not only makes your skin tone look more even, it also makes your complexion look healthy and refreshed.

For the most natural look, choose a skin-tone correct shade of foundation and avoid foundations that have a pink or white base because they can make skin look chalky and washed out.

To find your perfect shade of foundation, follow these steps: in natural light, swatch the foundation from your cheek to your jaw line, and gently blend it into your skin. Now do the same with another foundation that’s one shade lighter and another that’s one shade darker. The shade that blends in should be your pick, but double-check it against your forehead, since some women tend to be darker there. If it works in both areas, you’ve picked a winner.

CĂ©line set to open in Australia

We’re guessing that more than a few Christmas wishlists are frantically being revised across the ditch with French fashion house CĂ©line announcing that its first stand-alone Australian boutique will open mid-December. The store will open its doors at Melbourne’s upmarket Chadstone shopping centre just in time for the festive season and will carry ready-to-wear collections, handbags, shoes and accessories. And with the boutique rumoured to be stocking the spring/summer collection as soon as it opens, the MiNDFOOD STYLE team will be booking flights to Melbourne, stat!