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Billionaires best kept secrets on being healthy, wealthy and wise

Katy Perry - REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Billionaires best kept secrets on being healthy, wealthy and wise

Billionaires best kept secrets on being healthy, wealthy and wise

When it comes to being successful, these five celebs will tell you that maintaining healthy habits is top priority.

Mark Zuckerberg: Never stop learning

Co-founder of Facebook, American technology entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg is never happy to rest on his laurels and each year he sets a challenge for himself to complete in the following year, whether it’s running every day or reading a new book every fortnight. Zuckerberg sets these challenges as he believes it’s important to never stop learning.

Katy Perry: Finding wholeness

Although Katy Perry is one of the highest earning entertainers in the world, the 33-year-old musician recently revealed she spent time in a mental health retreat following the failure of her last album. She said that instead of self-medicating with substances or withdrawing she decided to seek out therapy to help her process her feelings of depression.  Perry found therapy invaluable and that the experience gave her a “wholeness”.

George Clooney: Low intensity

Last year the 57-year-old actor and father of two talked of the chronic pain, headaches and poor sleep he endures as a result of a back injury in 2005 while filming Syriana. In July this year he was also in a scooter accident that put him in hospital with minor injuries.  To help manage the pain and stay healthy Clooney works out daily and is careful to eat a healthy diet, avoiding fatty food and some dairy products. The actor favours cardio workouts of low intensity like hiking, yoga and swimming.

George Clooney – REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Taylor Swift: Be kind

In a recent concert in Minneapolis, Taylor Swift, the 28-year-old musician taking the world by storm urged concert-goers to be kind to themselves and not give in to pressure to try and be perfect.  She said: “One thing I have noticed in my life is you can never judge what somebody else is going through, even if they seem like they have it all together, they seem like, how can they ever have any problems? Somebody is maybe really beautiful or seems like they have it all together. Maybe they have a life that you’re really envious of. But I’ve learned that appearances aren’t everything. Just because somebody looks happy doesn’t mean they are. Just because somebody looks healthy doesn’t mean they are. There’s so much pressure on everyone these days to have it all together, to have a perfect body, a perfect life, to know exactly where they want to go with their life. I think the stress and the pressure of not being able to say that they’re hurting have really taken a toll on a lot of people. So I’m just asking you, just try to be kind to yourself. Just know that there are so many people that are going through the exact same thing that you might be going through, whatever it is.”

Taylor Swift – REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Jeff Bezos: Leisurely star  

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says one of the secrets to his mega success is that he sleeps eight hours every night. He also has a leisurely breakfast with his family every morning.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – REUTERS/Gus Ruelas

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