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Beyond Ageing

By Nicole Saunders

Beyond Ageing
MiNDFOOD goes behind the scenes of Trilogy’s Age-Proof ‘un-model’ search to find out about the everyday Kiwi women who are fronting this inspirational campaign – one which sets aside the obsession with youth and instead promotes amazing skin and feeling beautiful at any age.

With the multitude of beauty products making their way into the MiNDFOOD office, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by the promises made by skincare – thinning this, erasing that and travelling back in time to our early 20s when our skin was radiantly youthful and blemish-free.

While it’s sometimes hard to avoid jumping on the quest-for-eternal-youth bandwagon, when the MiNDFOOD team discusses ageing – a common topic given society’s obsession with youthfulness – you’ll often hear us quoting Kay, one of the faces behind Trilogy’s new Age-Proof Campaign. Kay’s refreshing words – “I don’t want to look young, I want to look great” – made a lasting impression on all of us at the Age-Proof launch in July.

Since we found ourselves repeating Kay’s wise words, we decided we needed to find out more about Trilogy’s encouraging new take on beauty and the New Zealand women who are the faces of their campaign.

Trilogy has recently reformulated their Age-Proof range to include Glycablend™, but rather than focusing on the science behind this revolutionary new ingredient, Trilogy wanted to bring the ethos of the range to life by celebrating the wisdom that comes with getting older. After launching an “un-model” search via social media, Trilogy was faced with the tough task of whittling down around 100 enthusiastic entries to the seven Kiwi women who would help them spread the word that skin can look incredible at any age.

The final seven women from around New Zealand were flown to Wellington to share their stories and thoughts on what beauty and being age-proof means to them. Trilogy staff transformed into make-up assistants, art directors and producers, and with the help of a handful of professionals, the Age-Proof campaign was born.

The Science

Trilogy’s reformulated and repackaged Age-Proof range harnesses the power of their latest innovative ingredient: Glycablend. Made from a potent concoction of pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry and chia seed oil, Glycablend has been designed to target glycation – a naturally occurring process that contributes to ageing. As we age, digested carbohydrates and sugar attach to our skin’s collagen and elastin molecules. Eventually these fibres harden and lose their suppleness, which in turn leads to accelerated ageing. Glycablend combats the process of glycation to enhance radiance, minimise fine lines and refine skin texture.

Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil ($48.90), Eye Recovery Concentrate ($39.90), Line Smoothing Day Cream ($55.90) and Replenishing Night Cream ($62.90).


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