Best workouts for my body shape


Friends hiking through the hills of Los Angeles
Friends hiking through the hills of Los Angeles
What are the best workouts for my body shape? If you find your workout routine is failing to produce the results you're looking for, then you may want to try one of these body-specific exercise routines.

While you can’t change your genes, you can change your jean size by making the most of what you were born with by training for your body shape. If you are unsure of your body shape, and are thinking I have no idea of the best workouts for my body shape – this simple guide may help.

What is my body shape?

Before you get set on a workout routine, first you’ll want to determine your body type, as this will allow you to target specific exercises that will help accentuate your best assets.

While there are many different body shapes, recently, female body shapes have been defined as falling into one of the following categories: the A-frame (pear shape or spoon shape), the H frame, the ruler, the V frame or cone shape, the oval frame or the apple and the 8 frame or hourglass.

Body shapes are determined partly by genetics and partly by circumstance. A woman’s bone structure dictates which areas of the body will be the widest and smallest, while another factor for one’s body shape is the distribution of excess body fat.

Your specific choices for diet and exercise can influence your body’s shape to some degree. 

Each has its own typical characteristics that can help you determine which body type you have. Once determined, you will be able to adjust your training and eating habits accordingly to reach your fitness goals.

Best workouts for my body shape

If you are looking for a workout regime to suit your body shape, consider these guidelines when making a choice on exercises:

The A-frame or pear shape 

Pears are usually heavier on the bottom than up top and carry excess weight in their hips, thighs, and buttocks. 

Best workout: Try a combination of fat-blasting plyometric moves, such as jump squats, and total-body strength training is the best workout and will help accentuate your curves.

Apples or oval shape

Rounder in the middle and have a thicker around the tummy – think Oprah Winfrey.

Best workout: let’s face it, your tummy is your biggest challenge. However, by doing 40 to 60 minutes of cardio at a moderate pace three to five times a week, you will soon melt your middle.

The ruler

Generally thin, stick-straight frame, an almost boyish body type.

Best workout: To add definition and tone, increase your weight training. Do plenty of bodyweight training such as pushups and planks to help tone up and build muscle throughout your body.

8 frame or hourglass

Typically very curvy both on the top and bottom, with a smaller waist.

Best workout: Circuit training will benefit the hourglass silhouette who finds building muscle mass easy but losing body fat a challenge. Weight training a couple of times per week is also suggested.

H frame or rectangle

There is not much definition between the shoulders, waist and hips, with a little curve here and there.

Best workout: Those with this type of body shape want to concentrate on minimising the waist. Good cardio choices include the treadmill with an incline and the stepper. While your resistance training should concentrate on the lower body. 

V frame or cone shape

You have broad shoulders, small hips, and slender legs, much like models including Naomi Campbell.

Best workout: According to ScienceDaily, women have between six and 11 per cent more body fat than men, and this can make it challenging to shed the fat you need to get a V-shape. Target your lower abs to boost your chances of defined muscles forming a V-shape, coupled with many minutes of cardiovascular exercises each week.

While these guidelines are good for a rough idea on how to best spend your time in the gym, it’s important to ask the question ‘what are the best workouts for my body shape’ of a professional trainer for detailed workout plans. 

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