Best new beauty buys

Fending off the dreary winter weather doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Stock up your beauty cabinet with these newcomers to the skincare and make-up scene and you’ll be ready to face the change in seasons.

Three Beauty Rules Thou Shalt Not Break

It’s not too late to revise those lofty beauty resolutions and make them more achievable. If taking better care of your skin and getting your beauty regimen in tip-top shape was on your priority list for 2018, take heed.

Get your vitamins
Forget about deciphering unpronounceable beauty ingredients – the building blocks of any good skin care are easy to get one’s tongue around! Vitamin A is the cornerstone of skin health and remains one of the only scientifically proven ingredients that can slow the signs of ageing. Add vitamin C to the mix to restore radiance and reduce pigmentation.

Wear sunscreen every day
Don’t let those overcast autumnal days fool you – UV rays don’t have to be sizzling skin to be doing irreversible damage to both your skin and your DNA. Always end your usual skincare regimen with sunscreen to keep skin youthful for longer.

Master the basics
Fortunately, the secret to great skin isn’t really a secret – nor is it overly complicated. Load up your diet with a rainbow of fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water and you’re halfway there. The rest lies in skincare basics – cleansing twice a day, exfoliating regularly according to your skin type and using skincare that targets your concerns.