Best New Beauty: Aēsop Lucent Facial Concentrate

We all know that once spring arrives and the temperature rises, some of our trusted skincare saviours that have seen us through the colder months can leave skin feeling weighed down. Aēsop’s new Lucent Facial Concentrate arrives just in time for the warmer days that are on the way. “We wanted people to be able to use this product without a heavy after feel,” says Kate Forbes, head of product and research and development at for Aēsop. “We needed to work out how we could deliver concentrated ingredients that would give a matte after-feel and feel comfortable on the skin. And it couldn’t just be another vitamin C serum, they already exist.”

To create such a product Forbes and her team decided to team vitamin C with sodium carrageenan – an algae extract. “It works within the surface of the skin to help promote hyaluronic acid production within the surface of the skin to improved moisturisation. Skin stays moisturised for longer, with a very light finish.” As for why Forbes decided to use vitamin C in the formula – and many of the skincare product she has formulated for Aēsop – she explains that it’s involved in a number of pathways that support skin health. “Vitamins are often a natural part of your skin structure, but your skin can’t store extra vitamin C, so you need to top it up topically,” Forbes explains. “It’s a potent antioxidant that fends off free-radical damage and it’s essential for collagen synthesis.”

Lucent Facial Concentrate ($150) is available online now, Aēsop’s first New Zealand boutique will open in Newmarket later this month. Visit and for more on Aēsop.


The scent of summer

Chanel’s most iconic scent, N°5, has been reinvented for today, therefore it comes as no surprise that the French fashion and beauty house’s modern muse, Lily-Rose Depp, has been chosen to front the campaign. Sparkling notes of lemon, mandarin and orange open N°5 L’EAU, before a vibrant bouquet of rose and jasmine is revealed. Vetiver, cedar and cottony musk notes complete the fresh and luminous fragrance.

Chanel N°5 L’EAU is available now.