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The best mascara tricks to make the most of your eyelashes


Learn the best tips to get the most from your mascara
Mascara seems like a fairly straight-forward option but there are ways to maximise its use for better results. Here's our round-handful of industry-approved tips and tricks that will make your lashes stand out.

If you’ve ever been asked if your eyelashes are real when you’re simply rocking the set that God gave you, you know your lashes have reached celebrity status. If you haven’t, here are some top tips to ensure you’re making the most of your mascara, amplifying the look of even short and sparse eyelashes. 

A good mascara is worth its weight in gold, a secret weapon in your beauty routine to thicken and lengthen your natural set of lashes.

With the advanced technology in formulation now available, there is more variation that ever before, meaning you can take your pick, from adding length, adding volume, choosing one designed to hold a curl, prevent smudging – even ones you can swim in without ending up with pigment from your eyelashes smeared around and under your eyes.

If lengthened, defined and evenly coated lashes are your preference, look for a brush with a fine-comb rubber wand or short sparse bristles that separate and subtly coat each and every single lash.

Bigger is better when it comes to volume, and jumbo mascara brushes keep on coming from beauty brands. The focus on far-from-subtle volume has hit fever pitch but pigments and brush wipers (the inner rim the catches excess product) are getting better all the time, so gluggy clumps are much a thing of the past. Remember concentrate on getting to to the base of the roots and do a couple of coats a few seconds apart for maximum effect. Cotton buds come in handy as these have a habit of bumping on lids.

Even if you prefer a volumising option with a big bumper-sized brush, also having one with a finer tip is good to have in your mascara wardrobe – yes, its a thing! – to reach smaller inner and lower lashes. 

But getting your hands on the latest must-have mascara – or a tried and trusted one –  isn’t all you can do to get the most out of your lashes.

There’s actually a number of expert-approved tips and tricks that will make them really pop, with that length and volume lasting all day. 

  1. Always curl first.

Yes, it does add a few minutes to your morning routine. But curling your lashes before applying anything to them is the perfect way to start your lash routine, making them look even better once mascara is applied.

To use, clamp first at the base of your eyelashes and hold for a few seconds, then move out slightly and clamp the centre of the lash. 

It you really want to to hold onto that uplifted look, try this makeup artist hack can take that curl to the next level: Blow warm air onto a metal eyelash curler with a hairdryer so it heats up slightly. Test the metal’s temperature on the back of your hand before using for safety reasons,  and then use as normal. The heat works on lashes the way a curling iron works on hair and will last longer.

2. Wiggle the mascara wand from the base of your lashes to the tip

Starting from the base of your lashes, moving up to the tips, use the mascara brush by wiggling it horizontally in a zig-zag motion. This will ensure that you coat every angle of your lash, but if eyelashes start to stick to each other, finish by combing through normally again to separate and avoid clumping.

It’s important to make sure you’re starting at the base, or root of lashes and coating all the way to the tip for a full, volumised result.

3. Work the wand sideways, not just up

Apply an extra layer or two of mascara only to your outer lashes, pulling the brush up and out at the outer edges for an exaggerated elongating effect. Your lashes will look fluttery and romantic and add a subtle illusion of a slightly elongate ‘cat-eye’ effect.

4. Dot black eyeliner in the gaps between your lashes

This gives the effect of a stronger lash line and will make yours appear thicker and healthier, without making it obvious that you’re wearing eyeliner. Perfect for a natural look during the day.

5. Use a spare wand to de-clump

After you’ve applied mascara, use an old or spare wand or spoolie with no product on it to comb your lashes with. This will remove any excess product, flakes or clumps and separate lashes for a more fluttery effect.

6. Ensure your mascara is fresh

Mascara that is over a few months old can become dry and cruble from lashes after only a short time wearing. That’s without considering that anything near your eyes can transmit bacteria ,which means it’s a good idea to toss your tube after three or four months. If you’re cracking open a new mascara and the formula seems too ‘wet’ or there’s too much on the brush, wipe it gently on a tissue before applying to your eyelashes.


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