The Best Mascara Tricks For the Best Lashes

If you’ve ever been asked if your eyelashes are real when you’re simply just rocking the set that God gave you, you know your lashes have reached celebrity status. If you haven’t, here are some top tips so your lashes can live their best life.

A good mascara is worth its weight in gold, a secret weapon in your beauty kit to thicken and lengthen your lashes.

But a superstar mascara isn’t all you can do to get the most out of your lashes. There’s actually a handful of industry-approved tips and tricks that will make them really pop.

Here are a few of our favourites…

  1. Always curl first.

Ok ok, maybe it does add a few minutes to your morning routine. But believe us when we say it’s totally worth it! Curling your lashes before applying anything to them is the perfect way to start your lash routine, making them look even better once mascara is applied.

  1. Wiggle the mascara wand from the base of your lashes to the tip

Starting from the base of your lashes, moving up to the tips, use the brush by wiggling it horizontally in a zig-zag motion. This will ensure that you coat every angle of your lash and also helps to separate and avoid clumping.

  1. Work the wand sideways, not just up

Applying only to your outer lashes, pull the brush up and out at the outer edges for an exaggerated elongating effect. Your lashes will look fluttery and romantic.

  1. Dot black eyeliner in the gaps between your lashes

This gives the effect of a stronger lash line and will make yours appear thicker and healthier, without making it obvious that you’re wearing eyeliner. Perfect for a natural look during the day.

  1. Use a spare want to de-clump

After you’ve applied mascara, use an old or spare wand (with no product on it) to comb your lashes with. This will remove any excess product and separate lashes for a more fluttery effect.

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Kowtow SS18 Introduces New Ethical Fabrics

Kowtow’s new SS18 collection launches in-store and online tomorrow (Thursday, August 2nd), and after seeing the campaign, we couldn’t be more excited.

The new Kowtow collection is no ordinary fashion drop. Well, no Kowtow collection is, but this one, in particular, is especially special.

Why? Because Kowtow is releasing 5 new ethical fabrics, including; corduroy, fine knit, ecru denim, colour blocked knitwear and seersucker. Each fabric has taken around 12 months to design and create from scratch, for desired weight, weave and feel. They all adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by using approved inks & dyes for printing, dyeing & washing, which is no small feat.

If we didn’t love Kowtow enough before, this collection is definitely another arrow in cupid’s bow.

View some of our favourite of the revolutionary pieces in the gallery below.