Best Beauty Product of 2014

As a beauty director, it’s no exaggeration to say that thousands of beauty products land on my desk. When I tell people what I do, I’m always asked what’s good and what works.

So in the grand tradition of end-of-year “best of” radio shows, I decided to share my top beauty product for 2014: Resultime’s Multi-Corrective CC Cream (NZ$59, 0800 406 416).

For sure this product is filled with snazzy ingredients to nourish, hydrate and do all those elasticity and pigmentation wonders people want from their modern skincare.

What I personally love is the fact that I can apply it with my fingertips in 10 seconds, it looks (and feels) like I’m not wearing anything, and makes my skin look glowing and refreshed like those women who appear in skincare and toothpaste commercials.

Add to that the fact that it gives great coverage and UVA/UVB SPF30 protection, and you will understand why it’s my top product of 2014.



New Year New Mind?

At the most recent International Dermalogica conference, held annually in Los Angeles, Dermalogica New Zealand’s Head of Education, Caroline Parker, take part in a mindfulness seminar.

Here, Parker shares her favourite tips for including mindfulness in your daily life.

•       Waking up: while you are still lying in bed, before you do anything else, notice your breathing.

•       Showering: open yourself to your senses during your shower, do you feel warm or cool? Notice the scents and textures of your skin and hair products.

•       Breakfast: pay attention to the food you’re eating, noting all that went into its creation. A piece of fruit for example required sunshine, fresh air and rich earth; workers to pick it and transport it. Then look closely at the food, put it in your mouth and taste it.

•       Walking: slow down. Pay attention to the movement and skill of walking.

•       Driving: when stopped at a red light, notice your body. Loosen your hold on the steering wheel. Relax your shoulders.

•       Arriving at work: spend three minutes doing a practice like ACE – Awareness of your breath, Collecting your breath, Expanding your awareness to your body – before you start working.

•       Lunch: eat alone in a quiet place once a week, paying mindful attention to your food.

•       End of work: reflect on your day. What was good about it? What could you have done differently? Imagine how you would like to be tomorrow.

•       All day: sprinkle mindfulness throughout your day. Set reminders for various times on your phone or calendar. Change these times occasionally so these moments don’t turn into meaningless habit.