The Best Beauty Brushes For Flawless Skin

If you’ve ever peered inside your cosmetics bag and wondered if your makeup brushes are doing all your beauty products justice, you’re not alone. Working out what brushes you need to get the job done can be tricky. With three bestselling books to her name, it’s fair to say Australian make-up artist Rae Morris – who has made over the likes of Cate Blanchett and Naomi Campbell – knows a thing or two about the tools of the trade. In fact, it was her own needs as a make-up artist that served as the inspiration for her new make-up brush collection, Jishaku. “I needed softer, more calligraphy shaped brushes for my work,” Morris explains.

Drawing on traditional Japanese brush-making techniques, Morris developed a collection of brushes that make applying make-up a fuss-free affair. “The brushes are all handmade, which means they have been personally shaped,” Morris says. What this means for the user, Morris explains, is it’s possible to use the tiniest amount of product on the tip and the hairs around it will blend the product perfectly. “You get a beautiful result with half the effort.”

And for those who like their brushes on hand or on display, rather than stored away in a make-up bag, Morris has cleverly designed each of the brushes with magnetic bottoms. “It means they are super easy to reach for and can be stacked on top of and inside the magnetic frame, which is a huge benefit when space is tight,” says Morris. “It also helps with hygiene as they can be hung upside down to dry once washed.”

Brush Up

So, is there such a thing as owning too many brushes? Morris, who has a minimum of 100 brushes in her bag when she goes to work, says it’s not possible. “Of course, the everyday woman wouldn’t need quite that many,” she laughs. “You will always find a purpose for a brush, and even having three or four of the same brush means you can use them across different colours,” Morris adds. The brush expert also recommends having a clean brush on standby to blend or finish off edges.

Despite her love of make-up brushes, Morris is able to narrow it down to four essentials that she believes every woman needs in their repertoire: a great foundation brush for flawless application, an eyeliner brush for perfect definition, a shading brush for contouring, and a blending eyeshadow brush. “I love the Angle Eye Blender brush; it’s great for blending if you have socketed or hooded eyes.”

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